Friday, July 31, 2009

Parent "Time"

I wonder how my mother did all that she did. She would work until 11:00 p.m. almost every night. I frequently stop at 9:00 p.m. and say "enough." What does it take to work full time, take care of four kids, and cook, clean, and be in meaningful relationship? What toll do you pay in the long run for keeping things going? What part of life do you miss? If you keep going full steam, do you find time for yourself? If you keep time for yourself, what "falls away?"

Or is there a better way? Can you plan for tomorrow in such a way that you can have the life you want? How do you plan for the bumps in the road of life? You can, but maintenance is the key. Maintenance - or taking care - of each part of your life, is critical.

When is the last time you planned for your life? Who did you involve in the planning process? What did you re-plan when "life happened?"

Hi Everyone, first let me thank all the people who have helped me get my new website ( and blog site up and running. This was a high learning curve; thanks for hanging in there with me. First, Thank You God. Next, thanks to Ev (mi corazon), Z (the best), C. & M., Chris (my right arm) and Nick, Steve (my iron friend - thanks for your strength), Pats, Calvin & Kelli (my ears), Jordan, Judy & Dan, Matt & Terri, Mike and Steve (love the place), Georgia, Cilla & El, Dawn D., Oscar (dear friend), Linda S., Jessica, family & friends and especially the resource librarians. They say adversity make you stronger; I say you know who loves you there is a mountain to climb.

This Blog is all about parental choices. Parents need choices in their lives when it comes to caring for children and developing their careers. I believe when you have informed choices, then you can make informed decisions. My job is to listen, share, and then listen again.

Once again, thanks everyone for your help in getting this Blog started. Don't forget my website, for information on my new "Choice Book" for parents, Should I Stay Home?

O.K., Got to go - make dinner, and then if time - repot plants!