Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Down Time for Parents? Is there such a thing?

Hi Friends,
My friend Jessica is great. She knew before her son was born that she wanted flexibility in her life. So she found a workplace that understood her needs and was willing to work with her. She is terrific at what she does and enjoys her clients.

What can we learn from Jessica? 1) That scheduling time for you is critical to the balancing act; 2) That it takes family and friends to make this work; 3) Down time is good for all. You feel better, have more energy, and make calmer decisions.

Now I know what you are saying - who has time for this? YOU do Mom and Dad! You need to take care of you, breathe a bit, and realize that life (and parenting) is a journey.

O.K., those of you that know me would say, I don't see you relaxing. You work, write, blog, etc., etc., etc.,.....

But I am learning that if you schedule time and plan for time, you can learn how to enjoy that time. Yes, those type A personalities are going to have to work at it extra hard, but you can do it. AND trust me, you will enjoy the time.

Do you have family or friends that can care of your kids while you get a coffee, workout, or go on a date? Offer to trade care giving like my friend Cilla did when her children were young. Or like Jessica, see if your parents will take the kids while you go out on a date with your sweetheart. Whatever it is, just plan time and space for you to breathe and relax.

Plan your work and work your plan. Use the planner section (Chapter 6) in my book to include time for you. You will feel better and be a better parent!

Do take care,
Dr. Beth

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