Monday, August 10, 2009

Stories from the Road: Monday at Wolfgang's

The first day of the workshop/vacation we met our family at a wonderful breakfast place - Wolfgang's. While we were laughing and talking, there was a beautiful new family next to us.

The first baby - oh my- the excitement, the holding - the cooing! It made me remember just a few years ago, a single memory ago, of those first few months of your child's life. As all older mothers say; Blink and the years pass!

I was fortunate to see mother and baby up close later in the breakfast. (Wolfgang's is not fast food - be ready for at least an hour plus!) That sweet baby was watching everything - and smiling! Oh smiling and cooing - what a good baby!

Mother and I talked for a bit and I shared my book with her. Her eyes lit up - that was part of her table conversations just minutes ago!

This is a new generation of mothers and fathers. It used to be as parents we would savor every bit of maternity/paternity leave before having to go back to work. We would cry in the bathroom so our colleagues and bosses would not see how much we missed our children. Eventually the tears were replaced by hectic schedules, quick meals, and breathing for the weekend. We made it work because we didn't think we had a choice.

Now parents want the flexibility to be with their children while still having a career. Some may say that is being selfish, but I for one think it is smart. It is thinking about what will work for you and your family first.

This takes planning and support, but it can be done. Use my book, Should I Stay Home? as a tool for figuring what you want to do, locating and securing the help you need to do it, and developing a long term plan of action.

Take Care of your Family,

Dr. Beth

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