Saturday, August 1, 2009

On The Long Road

We leave this morning on our trip for a small workshop and vacation. I like the kids around when I have workshops - they keep me grounded with what I say and do. They also can drive me batty with their yelling and picking and arguing about which radio station to chose when we are driving. Thank God for books, mp3, and portable DVDs!

What do you do when you leave for a trip? Do you just load the kids and throw the luggage in the car or do you take painstaking plans for where you will go and how will you get there? In the end, did you planning get you where you wanted to go and accomplish?

Planning takes time and effort. Following your plan takes focus and energy. In the middle of the plan, you may have everything go kaboom! But at least you know where you are to pick yourself up again and keep going.

May you have traveling mercies with your parenting plans.

Now excuse me while I mindfully enter a vehicle of family insanity!

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