Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tomorrow, I travel for work and rest. Today I saw my son understand how to pair work and play.

As you know, YOU can pack in a few minutes. BUT IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY, you need to pack for days just to leave the house. There are dishes to clean (including the frig), the car to clean, clothes to wash (and pack), food to prepare for the road (or snacks to get so you don't pay "highway prices"), etc., etc., etc., IF you are lucky, maybe a little bit of cleaning!

My son pitched in, helped out, re-potted plants last night, and today vacuumed the car without asking. But in between getting ready, he relaxed. He told me after the plants were done last night, "that we were done working" and it was time to take it easy. He knew I had been feverishing tring to get ready to go and yet, made me stop. The timeline was mine, no one elses, we were driving, not flying, so why was I determined to keep going when I needed to stop and breathe?

I wonder what could I learn from him about work and play? Is the mixture of the two skills the secret to balance? BUT HOW WOULD EVERYTHING GET DONE?

What do you think? How do you do it?

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