Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning from Cilla

My friend, Cilla, always has a positive attitude about everything! She takes her kids all over, helps her friends (and their kids) with errands, and spoils her loving husband. As she shared with me in a phone interview this week, her balancing act consists of a pinch of family and a shake of friends. "Teamwork is the key to balancing family, home and work. My dear husband, Peter is home during the day. Also, my friends and aunts help- everyone pitches in. You have to have a system of networking to make this thing work." She also works full time and volunteers at her children's schools in two different school districts!

Cilla's can do attitude inspires us to "keep on keeping on" She doesn't stop, she just slows down for a while (right now she is recovering from knee surgery). Also she always does things with a smile! Even if she is putting new tile on her floors, she does it with a happy heart! Nothing stops Cilla!

Two things Cilla can teach us 1) Attitude is everything; 2) Team is the key to balance. (See Chapter 5 of my book, Should I Stay Home? for how to plan with friends and set up a network for success!)

How are you planning for this balancing act called "parenthood?" If you are like my friend Cilla, you are going strong and in it for the long run.

Thanks, Cilla for the advice. Now get that knee up and put some ice on it, girl!

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