Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mother Sharing while Shopping

Dear Readers:
I met a mother on my second night away who told me an amazing story of what she and her husband did for their son. What started off as a way to help turned into a blessing from heaven. (I apologize if the details aren't right - I was shopping with my dear friend Chris and we were on a mission.)

A few years ago, this wonderful woman and her husband opened their home to her son, his partner, and two grandchildren. After a number of months, it became a bit cramped (and another grandchild was on the way).

So this amazing woman and her husband soul searched and decided that they would build a second home on their property for their son and growing family! WOW! What an act of love!
They took their savings for retirement and used it for family!

Now let's fast forward a few years - This woman now has her grandchildren right next door! What a Grandmother's dream come true! Her intent was to help; her reward is that her grandchildren are steps from her. She cooks with them, helps them with their homework, and is a daily part of her life!

I wish I could have spent more time with her. Her story is amazing story of love for the family.

Maybe it is the planner in me, but what we want for the future can be directed by the steps we take now. What steps are you making for the future?

Thanks again for sharing this comforting story of love and sacrifice!

If you have a story to share of love for family, please let me email me and I will post it to share with others.

Take Care,
Dr. Beth

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